Want in on the ACTION? 

Early Bird Bingo 6:00pm
Regular Bingo 6:30pm
$20 = 15 games of 6 cards each
$250 Payout per Game!

Come in and work the kitchen for BINGO - have some fun and meet the teams. Contact Pam Mackay 949-859-6426. We can use YOUR help!

Congratulations to our
Elk of the Month
for January 2018

Barbara Coppola


Congratulations go to our 2016
Award Winners :

Elk of the Year
Stephanie Bongartz

Citizen of the Year
Laura Lumley

Officer of the Year
Mike Long

Previous Winners
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Past Elks of the Year

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Past Elks of the Year


Bill Ammon              1994-95     John Stanley 
1975-76  Cap Harrison    1995-96  John Morrow 
1976-77  Duane Carlson    1996-97  Harmon Azbell 
1977-78  John Peterson    1997-98  Dorman Dane 
1978-79  Bob Ruse    1998-99  John Heathcock 
1979-80  Jerry Logan    1999-00  Ron Bauchero 
1980-81  Jerry Logan    2000-01  Gerry Schiphorst 
1981-82  Mark Parada    2001-02  Sandy Bergan 
1982-83  Alan Komperda    2002-03  Dave Moodie 
1983-84  Mark Parada    2003-04  Bob Lorenz 
1984-85  Ted Komperda    2004-05  Pat Martino 
1985-86  Matt Zidro    2005-06  Jack Crane 
1986-87  Harold Brice    2006-07  Ed Mackey 
1987-88  Joe Urban    2007-08  Jim Wessling 
1988-89  Gordon Palmer    2008-09  Pam Mackey 
1989-90  Bob Minicas    2009-10  Bill Bongartz 
1990-91  Walt Matras    2010-11  Laura Lumley 
1991-92  Ralph Freeman    2011-12  Leo Hazell 
1992-93  Swede Linden    2012-13  Carla Jo Hannon 
1993-94  Newt Seal    2013-14  Jack Jacobs 
      2014-15 Mike Fenton
      2015-16  Vicky Long