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Early Bird Bingo 6:00pm
Regular Bingo 6:30pm
$20 = 15 games of 6 cards each
$250 Payout per Game!

Come in and work the kitchen for BINGO - have some fun and meet the teams. Contact Pam Mackay 949-859-6426. We can use YOUR help!

Congratulations to our
Elk of the Month
for November 2018

Stuart Urquhart

Congratulations go to our 2017-2018
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Elk of the Year
Dennis Boelts

Citizen of the Year
Ron Eger

Officer of the Year
Frank Scarpine

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Mission Calls Bulletin
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Mission Calls Bulletins
 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
October 2018Mike Klinger181010/8/20185.23 MBDownload
September 2018Mike Klinger18099/10/20186.15 MBDownload
August 2018SuperUser Account18088/3/20185.89 MBDownload
July 2018SuperUser Account18076/28/20185.90 MBDownload
June 2018SuperUser Account18065/31/20186.00 MBDownload
May 2018SuperUser Account18054/26/20185.74 MBDownload
April 2018SuperUser Account18043/30/20186.22 MBDownload
March 2018SuperUser Account18033/2/20185.33 MBDownload
February 2018SuperUser Account18021/31/20185.06 MBDownload
January 2018SuperUser Account180112/27/20175.59 MBDownload
December 2017SuperUser Account171212/1/20175.86 MBDownload
November 2017SuperUser Account171110/25/20176.02 MBDownload
October 2017SuperUser Account17109/29/20175.82 MBDownload
September 2017SuperUser Account17098/22/20175.53 MBDownload
August 2017SuperUser Account17088/1/20175.60 MBDownload
July 2017SuperUser Account17077/3/20175.98 MBDownload
June 2017SuperUser Account17065/29/20175.94 MBDownload
May 2017Mike Klinger17054/19/20175.63 MBDownload
April 2017SuperUser Account17043/29/20174.66 MBDownload
March 2017Mike Klinger17032/27/20175.77 MBDownload
February 2017Mike Klinger17021/27/20175.65 MBDownload
January 2017Mike Klinger17011/3/20176.65 MBDownload
December 2016Mike Klinger161212/13/20166.00 MBDownload
November 2016Mike Klinger161112/13/20164.72 MBDownload
October 2016Mike Klinger161012/13/20164.64 MBDownload
September 2016Mike Klinger16099/1/20163.75 MBDownload
August 2016Mike Klinger16088/5/20164.25 MBDownload
July 2016Mike Klinger16076/27/20164.73 MBDownload
June 2016Mike Klinger16065/31/20164.77 MBDownload
May 2016Mike Klinger16054/29/20164.64 MBDownload
April 2016Mike Klinger16044/1/20164.38 MBDownload
March 2016Mike Klinger16033/2/20164.47 MBDownload
February 2016Mike Klinger16022/1/20163.53 MBDownload
January 2016Mike Klinger160112/30/20155.11 MBDownload
December 2015Mike Klinger151211/30/20155.09 MBDownload
November 2015Mike Klinger151110/28/20153.69 MBDownload
October 2015Mike Klinger15109/25/20154.41 MBDownload
September 2015Mike Klinger15099/2/20157.52 MBDownload
August 2015Mike Klinger15087/31/20154.92 MBDownload
July 2015Mike Klinger15077/1/20154.53 MBDownload
June2015Mike Klinger15066/3/20154.78 MBDownload
May 2015Mike Klinger15055/1/20154.74 MBDownload
April 2015Mike Klinger15044/4/20154.29 MBDownload
March 2015Mike Klinger15033/2/20154.54 MBDownload
February 2015Mike Klinger15022/2/20154.59 MBDownload
January 2015Mike Klinger150112/31/20144.73 MBDownload
December 2014Mike Klinger141212/2/2014UnknownDownload
November 2014Mike Klinger141110/30/20144.35 MBDownload
October 2014Mike Klinger141010/2/20145.26 MBDownload
September 2014Mike Klinger14099/1/20144.91 MBDownload
August 2014Mike Klinger14088/6/20144.88 MBDownload
July 2014Mike Klinger14078/8/20144.36 MBDownload